Frequently Asked Questions


The only difference between them is the dimensions. We always recommend choosing the The Carry-On Max unless you routinely fly small commuter jets or you're looking for a compact carry-on.

The Carry-On conforms to the official sizing guidelines of most major airlines. If you mostly fly outside the US on non-US airlines, then we recommend this size.

The Carry-On Max is an inch taller and an inch wider and still fits in the sizers and overheads of most domestic and international airlines (excluding small commuter jets). 

The Zipper Collection:

Pros: Very lightweight. Our FreeFlex zipper design allows you to overpack with ease and offers long-term seam protection. The front pocket model gives you quick access to your laptop or pullover without having to open the entire case. Available in an array of bright colors.

Cons: Not flashy.

The Frame Collection:

Pros: Unparalleled security and protection of fragile belongings. Sleek look with the aluminum trim.

Cons: Twenty percent heavier than The Zipper Collection. You cannot over-pack as much as you can with The Zipper Collection. However you can over-pack more with this collection than The Aluminum Edition.

The Frame Collection: Aluminum Edition

Pros: Sleek and refined.

Cons: An acquired taste. The exterior will show dings and dents over time—which tell the narratives of their owners' journeys. You cannot over-pack with this case.

The Frame Collection is engineered with two key materials: textured polycarbonate shells and an aluminum frame that is riveted to the edges of each of the shells which close with two integrated clasp locks and corresponding back hinges. The polycarbonate shell will not dent and it has more "give" than The Aluminum Edition.

The Frame Carry-On: Aluminum Edition is entirely made of aluminum (with the exception of the wheels and leather handles). It is not possible to overpack with this collection since the aluminum shells are rigid. The Aluminum Edition will acquire and show dings and dents over time. If you have to gate-check often, we suggest going with a polycarbonate shell available in both zipper and frame designs.

Both models give you the ability to set three digit codes on each of the TSA-approved clasp locks. Both models also feature reinforced aluminum caps that are attached to the top corners of the case for added durability. They will also ding and dent with time.


Please check that the dial codes are perfectly aligned to the pre-set combination of 0-0-0 or to the combination that you've personally set.

Your locks are currently set to the pre-set combination code 0-0-0. 

To personalize your code:
1. Set the dials to 0-0-0 or the last pre-set code

2a. Zipper Cases: hold the small left most button down with a pen

2b. Frame Cases: move the switch located on the back side of the lock from A to B

3. Set your 3 digit code

4a. Zipper cases: release the button

4b. Frame cases: Move the switch from B back to A

1. Take your luggage to a local locksmith. It usually takes them 5-10 minutes to pick the lock with special tools. If the locksmith needs to break the lock that's fine too. Reach out to us with your order number and we'll send you or the locksmith a new lock to attach to the case. The replacement process takes 5 minutes and requires a screwdriver.

2. You can take it to the airport and the TSA will have a key to open it. You may have to show them proof of purchase.


Yes, our charger is removable from the exterior with no tools required. It just pops out with one click and it is fully compliant with all airline regulations.

In case you have to gate-check your carry-on, just pop it out and take it on board with you.

The charger has both short circuit and surge protection for maximum safety. We only use the finest quality lithium-ion cells on the market, sourced exclusively from Panasonic and LG. The battery's encasing is made from aluminum which helps to dissipate heat build up.

Airline regulations prohibit spare lithium chargers in checked baggage.

Spare lithium chargers are only allowed in cabin baggage as long as the capacity of the battery is less than 100 watt hours. The Arlo Skye charger is fully compliant with all airline regulations with a capacity of 10,050 mAh — equivalent to 37 watt hours.

Care / Storage

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable. The mailers/shipping packaging is also 100% compostable – being environmentally friendly and sustainable is a top priority for us. 

Yes. The Carry-On / The Carry-On Max will nest inside The Check-In. We recommend placing the carry-ons in the dust-protection cover prior to nesting it inside The Check-In. This helps to protect the interior of The Check-In from acquiring dirt and marks.

Pro tip: when nesting the cases, the wheels of the carry-on should face the opposite direction to the wheels of The Check-in.

Use a damp sponge with soapy water to wipe away dust and dirt. For tough stains use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Arlo Skye suitcases are made of polycarbonate or aluminum-alloy. Over time they will show marks, scratches, and dents (particularly visible on the aluminum collection). Scratches and dents cannot be repaired—they add character to your suitcase. Some customers add stickers to cover them up.

Darker color polycarbonate cases (black and navy) will show less marks than lighter colored cases. In contrast, lighter color aluminum cases (silver and champagne) will show less marks than darker colored cases because the underlying material color of aluminum is silver.

Our products are designed in New York and assembled in factories in Indonesia and China. Parts are sourced from companies based in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and USA.

Repairs are free. Please email us at with a video of the issue you're having. We'll get back to you within one business day with a solution. Depending on the work involved, we may send you the part and ask you to visit a local repair shop and we would cover the fees or we would ask you to ship the case back to our repair shop in Rhode Island. We charge a $45 flat fee for two-way shipping.

Returns / Shipping

We ship via FedEx to North America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and certain countries in South East Asia. International shipping fees are applied at check-out and they always include customs import fees, VAT and duties. FedEx processes all the customs paperwork and delivers to your doorstep.

We unfortunately are not able to ship to P.O. Box addresses or international US Military posts.

We offer free ground shipping in the United States, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

Charges are applied at check-out for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Ground shipping is not an option.

International charges are applied at checkout. Customs duties are included in the fees.

FedEx unfortunately does not deliver to P.O. Box addresses.

Your package will ship out of our Rhode Island, USA warehouse after 1-2 business days from you place your order online. Depending on the delivery address, it takes 1 to 6 business days for your order to arrive. When using the free shipping option, general order arrival times are:

US North East: 1-2 business days
US West Coast: 4-5 business days
South East and Central US: 2-3 business days

These times may vary depending on inclement weather and FedEx operational schedules.

Our logistics team takes well-deserved time off on weekends and national holidays, so orders placed on those days will be shipped the following business day.

Please visit our returns page to learn more.

After your item is received and reviewed, your refund will be processed within 2-3 business days and a credit will be automatically applied to your credit card or original method of payment.

Depending on your credit card company, it may take an additional 2-5 business days after your credit is applied to post to your account. You will receive an email when we process your return.

You can purchase a limited selection of our suitcases at Public Hotel in New York and The Edition Hotel in Miami. Please give them a call to confirm if they have the suitcase you'd like to see. Arlo Skye does not have any stockists outside of the USA.

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