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Get lost in the clouds with Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye was founded with a whimsical spirit and a mighty objective: to offer luggage that is superior to the best known brands, at an unprecedented price point.

As former execs of Louis Vuitton and Tumi, we've seen the luggage industry first-hand. It hasn't evolved with the needs of the modern traveler. The in-store shopping experience is often uninspiring. Quality comes at a high price because of excessive mark-ups by middlemen and retailers who need to cover expensive store rents, sales commissions and unsold inventory.

We started Arlo Skye to create an alternative.  Our simple hope is to create objects of travel that fit into your life in a delightful way.

By avoiding traditional wholesale channels, designing in-house, engaging with our clients directly and never discounting, we're able to provide a more innovative product at a fair price. 

Prior to launching in May 2016, we spent 1.5 years in product development and engineering.  Our first creation is a Carry-On that defies conventional design.  Instead of using commonly available polycarbonate plastic - we use an aluminum-magnesium alloy that is twice as strong.  We also eliminated the outer zipper for faster access and improved durability.

Since our launch, our story has been covered in Vogue, Bloomberg, The New York Times and Conde Nast Traveler.  Time Magazine billed the Carry-On as "the next generation of luxury luggage."  We're honored.

Learn more about our design ethos.