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Returns & Exchanges

Contiguous United States

Return shipping within the 48 contiguous US states is free. You have 90 days from the date your order was fulfilled to start a return online. During those 90 days you can try out the product (excluding The Frame Carry-On Max: Aluminum Edition which should be returned in a new and unused condition) and if you’re still having commitment issues, you can send it back for a full refund. You can start a return or exchange using the link below within the 90 day window. To start your return just scroll down to the "Request a Return" section. Return shipping is on us and we’ll give you a full refund with certain exceptions. Please scroll down to "The Details" section of this page to read the exceptions as well as instances where we do not accept returns or exchanges. For example, we do not accept returns or exchanges on laser engraved items.

U.S. territories, Hawaii and Alaska

Costs associated with the return are the responsibility of the customer and original shipping fees are non-refundable.

Outside the USA

Due to complex U.S. customs duty rules, we are unable to accept returns of shipments delivered outside the U.S. All international shipments are considered final sale. Original shipping fees are non-refundable.

Start your return or exchange

1. Please start your return or exchange by clicking on the button below.

2. If you are returning two items in the same order, please initiate and complete the return for only the first item. Then initiate a new return for the second item. Our returns system will only generate one return label at a time.

3. Please print and affix the label to the original box in which your item arrived. Please ensure that all items are returned in their original packaging with all accessories as this is required to process a full refund.

4. Drop it off at any FedEx location within 3 calendar days from when you receive your return label. Once it’s back, it takes us 5-7 calendar days to process your refund. You will receive a refund confirmation by email.

Returns & Exchanges: The Details

We do not accept returns or process refunds or exchanges of the item(s) you ordered outside the 90 days from the date of fulfillment. We do not accept returns or exchanges on corporate orders (when 10 or more items are purchased in one order).

Laser-engraved items cannot be returned or exchanged.

The 90 day trial program excludes The Frame Carry-On Max: Aluminum Edition. This product may only be returned if the item is new and unused within 90 days of the fulfillment date.


(a) For items that do not require laser-engraving, you may cancel an order at any time prior to Arlo Skye sending you a shipment confirmation email. If you cancel after, there is a $10 cancellation fee.

(b) Order cancellations on laser-engraved items are allowed within 24 hours from when your order was placed. After 24 hours we do not allow cancellations because we start the engraving process and it is not possible to remove the engraving.

You may return a maximum of two (2) units of a particular product per order, validated by a customer name or shipping address.

You may return a maximum of two (2) used products over a 5 year period, applicable by a customer name or shipping address. For example, if you buy The Zipper Carry-On Max and Pet Carrier and use the product and then return it within the 90-Day Trial period, we will be happy to issue a full refund however you will no longer be eligible for 90-Day Trials on any other product for the next 5 years. You can still purchase and return a product however the returned product must be in new / unused condition and in its original packaging. The Arlo Skye team is responsible for deciding if a product was used and their decision is final.

If particular product is returned from an initial order, that customer or shipping address will not be eligible for additional 90 day trials, or additional exchanges, or additional returns on subsequent orders of that particular product. For example, if you return The Zipper Carry-On Max, you will not be eligible for 90-day trials, or exchanges, or returns on your next purchase of The Zipper Carry-On Max.

When an item is returned or exchanged for the same model in a different color, the new color purchased or exchanged is considered Final Sale.

If the customer would like to exchange an item purchased at a discounted price for a different color of the same item that is not discounted -- Arlo Skye will first refund the customer for the item (regardless of whether the customer requested an exchange or return via our returns portal) and after the refund is processed, the customer can purchase the new color at the retail price.

When an item is not returned in its original packaging, Arlo Skye applies a restocking fee of 10% of the purchase price.

When an item requested for a return is not dropped off at a FedEx location within 3 business days from when the return label was generated and mailed to the customer, that item can no longer be returned.

If a product has a manufacturing defect and has to be replaced outside the 90 day trial period, we apply a $45 flat shipping fee (or $100 shipping fee for non-US destinations) that covers the outgoing shipment of the replacement case.

If any carry-on is returned without The Charger, Arlo Skye will issue a partial refund and charge $75 for The Charger.

If FedEx loses your package or if your bag is missing / stolen upon delivery, please let our team know within 24 hours of the expected date of that delivery. We will then file an investigation for a missing case with FedEx. If possible, please send the security video footage to the Arlo Skye team so that we can share with FedEx. Either a refund will be processed or a replacement case will be shipped only after 3 business days from the date our team was notified of the missing delivery. This gives our team the necessary time to investigate what happened before a replacement case is sent. The shipping method of the replacement case will be the same as the original shipping method chosen.