Exploring music and travel with Myles Hendrik

Myles Hendrik posing with his frame carry-on black in front of a wall of vinyl records.

Raised on a healthy diet of classics — from Iggy Pop to James Brown, The Rolling Stones to Grandmaster Flash — Myles Hendrik has long been a person who lives and breathes music, playing in bands for most of his life in addition to being a hardcore aficionado.

His career as an international DJ, however, started almost on a lark, after playing the backyard party of a friend who suggested he consider going pro. What soon followed was residencies at several of LA’s landmark nightclubs, where he found himself spinning the dance-worthy sets he would come to be known for — a cross-pollination of hip hop, rock and electronic cuts for a slew of A-listers, tastemakers and the city’s hip kids.

 We asked Myles to create playlist for our winter flights of fancy.

"Music and travel are key ingredients in my life. There’s an absolute symbiotic relationship between the two. Music is there every day, whether I’m listening to it in the background, making it or playing it. It’s always there helping me manifest art, ideas, dreams, motion. Being a DJ, I’m fortunate in that I get to travel all around the world. I get to listen to all the different sounds, the different influences and be inspired all over again and again."

Artist: Myles Hendrik @myleshendrik
Photos: Rony Alwin
Check out Myles Hendrik's full playlist on Spotify
Shoot and playlist featured in Cool Hunting


Get ready, world. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of Myles Hendrik for the foreseeable future. Hope you brought your dancing shoes.

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