Are no-zipper suitcases worth all the hype?

Model posing on the street with her frame carry-on in champagne aluminum edition.

If you think about the last suitcase that really turned your head, it was probably a no-zipper suitcase, AKA a frame case. From jet-setting artists and architects to well-heeled business travelers, frame cases are growing fast in popularity. And they might be your best travel investment yet.

So what, exactly, is a frame case? It’s a hard-sided wheeled suitcase that has no outer zippers. The shells— which have a light-weight frame around the edges—can be sealed tight via two combination locks.



Here’s what makes frame cases a game-changer for so many travelers: 

They’re durable.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to suitcases, it is the outer zipper that most frequently needs repair. With a frame case, two lightweight, aluminum-alloy frames replace a conventional zipper. This type of construction is highly resistant to impact, which means far fewer trips to the repair shop.

They’re safe, literally.

When compared to a zippered suitcase, a sturdy frame case is much better at safe-guarding your valuables. It’s rather easy to break into a zippered case by prying open the zipper coil with a semi-sharp object. When a sturdy frame replaces the zippers, you are putting yourself at less risk for theft. Add two TSA-approved combination locks set to two different codes, and you’ve essentially turned your frame case into a safe. Think about that the next time you book an Airbnb. Because while it will almost certainly include a large assortment of herbal teas, a typical Airbnb won’t have anything approaching a safe. You’ll be glad you brought one with you.

Arlo Skye Luggage Smart Suitcase Collaboration With Sight Unseen at Casa Perfect by Future Perfect

They’re elegant.

They open and close by clicking a button on each of the two locks, and the sleek aluminum frame outlines are visible even when your suitcase is closed. In many ways, frame cases are an ode to the timeless aesthetic of classic travel trunks, only you don’t need to go all Titanic-style and hire a fleet of human helpers to carry them for you.

They’re next-level efficient.

Arlo Skye's frame cases are as lightweight as the top-shelf zippered cases and they feature a novel compression system. This allows you to effortlessly squeeze in the spoils from an impromptu shopping expedition, while keeping everything in your case tamper-free and super-secure.


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