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The Check-In

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Sardine Silver
Penguin Black

A lightweight, micro-texturized polycarbonate shell with an aluminum-alloy trim, no zippers and whisper-quiet 60 mm wheels — designed to look elegant in all circumstances, from not-so-gentle baggage handling to withstanding inclement weather on the tarmac.

Size 27” x 17.6” x 11.1”  Weight 10.5 lbs  Capacity 66L
Ships November 28, 2017
All pre-orders receive a complimentary set of the Series 2 Note Cards

an extended trip suitcase ready for contact sport

We designed The Carry-On to be an iconic accessory that you can't imagine taking a trip without.  So we used the most luxurious material in the industry — aluminum-magnesium alloy.  

The Check-In, on the other hand, was designed to be extremely lightweight and highly durable to withstand baggage handlers.  That's why we used micro-textured polycarbonate instead of an aluminum alloy. Additionally, The Check-In does not feature a built-in charger.

What's in the box?

- 1 Check-In 

- 1 full grain leather name tag

- 2 shoe bags and 1 laundry bag

- 1 cotton dust protection cover


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The Check-In & Daydreaming Note Cards Series 2: We will ship all pre-orders on November 28, 2017.